Jul 26, 2010

Stockholm Style Sightings & Black Socks with "Mandals"

As a brand new resident in Stockholm, Sweden, I did a little walking tour/shopping yesterday. I was in Gamla Stan aka the "Old Town" and T-Centralen aka "Central Station". This is high tourist season and most Swedes are on vacation and not in town right now anyway, so these are just some of the random photos I took along the way.

And for the Fashion "Don't" of the day, there is this man, who I am positive is not Swedish since I was sitting next to his group and could hear the conversation. Read it and weep!

The black socks with mandals are killing me. I have witnessed this disaster repeatedly since I got here and just don't get it. Why wear socks with sandals at all? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of this type of footwear? And WHY tall black ones? Why, why, why!? Don't even get me started on the pants.

In defense of the Swedes, I am pretty positive that every person I have seen wearing this is from another part of Europe that shall not be named....at least not by me!

1 comment:

  1. why why why black shoes in the summer?!! we already have to suffer near funeral like clothing from nov-march, why bring the black into the summer too.

    i know these people maybe tourists but i have seen swedes wear random black shoes/black leggings with beautiful, flowery tops/dresses.