Jun 9, 2010

Male Mode at the MTV Movie Awards

While Scarlett Johansson gets my vote for the Best Dressed female at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards (Lindsay Lohan was the Worst Dressed by anyone's standards), I want to take a moment to focus on the men.

I am digging everything about Zac Efron's outfit - the hair, the blazer, the jeans,the shoes.

And what's not to like about Peter Facinelli? For those of you that have lived in a cave for the past 3 years, he plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight movie series. Blonde hair, brown hair, whatever. It looks good on him!

And finally, my man - T.I. I have missed his Trap Muzik since he has been away and can't wait until August when his new album is released.  For the record, I have loved T.I. since the beginning and my favorite CD is Urban Legend. In case you were wondering.

Oh right, the clothes. Honestly, he looks cool in anything and the orange shirt is complemented by his dark skin. Dark men can pull off any color.

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